Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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VIC & TAS BranchChairs

Victoria Tasmania
Year Victoria Victorian Sub-Branch
1955 Bob Lord
1956 Bob Lord
1957 Bob Lord
1958 Bob Lord
1959 Bob Lord
1960 Bob Lord
1961 Bob Lord
1962 Bob Lord
1963 A Northover
1964 A Northover
1965 A Northover
1966 J Needham
1967 J Needham
1968 J Needham
1969 J Needham
1970 J Needham
1971 A McKern
1972 A McKern
1973 A McKern
1975 BJ Mc Cann
1976 BJ Mc Cann Jim Bigham
1977 Basil Cocks Jim Bigham
1978 Basil Cocks Brian Lutterell
1979 Garry Utmar Brian Lutterell
1980 Garry Utmar Jim Bigham
1981 Garry Utmar Jim Bigham
1982 LH Davis Jim Bigham
1983 LH Davis Jim Bigham
1984 LH Davis Jim Bigham
1985 Mike Cameron Brian Luttrell
1986 Mike Cameron Kevin Quon
1987 Chris Cox Phil Sydney
1988 Chris Cox Phil Sydney
1989 Rob Snowden Phil Sydney
1990 Rob Snowden Phil Sydney
1991 Mike Canny Phil Sydney
1992 Mike Canny Phil Sydney
1993 Chris Cox Kevin Quon
1994 Chris Cox Kevin Quon
1995 Chris Cox Kevin Quon
1996 Shane Braddy Graham Smith
1997 Shane Braddy Graham Smith
1998 Rob Snowden Graham Smith
1999 Rob Snowden Graham Smith
2000 Paul Hillyer Graham Smith
2001 Paul Hillyer Jason Parr Graham Smith
2002 Paul Hillyer Graham Smith
2003 Paul Hillyer Frank Carpenter
2004 Rob Snowden Adrian Bull Frank Carpenter
2005 Rob Snowden Adrian Bull Ian Smith
2006 Rob Snowden Adrian Bull Ian Smith
2007 Mary Thompson Adrian Bull Ian Smith
2008 Mary Thompson Adrian Bull Ian Smith
2009 Mary Thompson Adrian Bull Ian Smith
2010 Mike Cameron Adrian Bull Frank Carpenter
2011 Anne-Marie Farr Adrian Bull Frank Carpenter
2012 Anne-Marie Farr Adrian Bull Frank Carpenter
2013 Matthew Shinners Adrian Bull Mike Pilcher
2014 Matthew Shinners Adrian Bull Mike Pilcher
2015 Matthew Shinners Adrian Bull Mike Pilcher
2016 Matthew Shinners Adrian Bull Stephen Duggan
2017 Matthew Shinners Damien Eastman Stephen Duggan

IQA VIRGIN AUSTRALIA Lounge Corporate Membership

For information on VIRGIN AUSTRALIA's loungesplease click here.

IQA Members will receive a $130 saving by using the IQA's corporate membership on the fees for the VIRGIN AUSTRALIA lounges in major airports. Instead of paying a one-off joining fee of $280 you will pay the one-off joining fee of $220. As well as paying the annual fee of $350 instead of the standard rate of $420.

To take advantage of the IQA's corporate rate fortheir lounges, you must be a member of their loyalty program, Velocity Rewards.Velocity is FREE to join online at www.velocityrewards.com.au where you can join and also review the product benefits.

The next step is for you to send general-manager@quarry.com.au an email with your name and Velocity Rewards membership number and I will set up an account for you. An invoice for your relevant fees will be sent directly to you from VIRGIN AUSTRALIA. All fees are paid directly to VIRGIN AUSTALIA and not the IQA.

Upon acceptance of enrolment to the Virgin Australia lounge, you will be assigned a membership number, which will be the same as your Velocity membership number and your Velocity Membership Card will be activated to allow access to the VIRGIN AUSTRALIA'S lounges.