Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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Why Choose the IQA for Professional Development Programs?


The Institute of Quarrying Australia believes education and training is a life-long opportunity which should be viewed in the broadest terms, starting with initial qualifications gained at vocational and/or tertiary education programs. The IQA has endorsed the Australasian Academy of Quarrying (AAQ) as its professional development and training provider to the quarrying industry.

All IQA approved professional development and training products (both IQA owned and IQA licenced) adhere to the following endorsement process:

Step 1: All products to be developed will be put out to tender to ensure fairness and equity as well as getting a wider response from subject matter experts;

Step 2: The procurement process will be managed by the IQA's Australasian Academy of Quarrying Industry Reference Group;

Step 3: The subject matter will be peer reviewed when the product is in its final draft before it is confirmed as final copy;

Step 4: In the case of IQA owned and licenced courseware, each will be piloted at a selected IQA Branch/Sub-Branch before it is listed for national offering; and

Step 5: The Institute of Quarrying and Australasian Academy of Quarrying logs will appear on the front cover of the professional development and training product;

Step 6: A licenced professional development and training product from an external provider will have a current dual  signed licence agreement; and

Step 7: A tender process will be used to select faciltators of IQA developed and owned courseware and IQA approved courseware developed and owned by external providers.


 "I enjoy attending IQA PDPs. They are affordable and always cover specific topics relevant to my role. It's awlays nice to mingle with other professionals and I've been  expanding my network of colleagues"
IQA PDP Participant, Environmental Management for Quarries PDP

"I found that the facilitator could explain all topics in a language that I could understand to make it relevant to my site"
IQA PDP Participant, Electrical Awareness PDP

"To me, the most valuable element of this training was the learning style - the training was made 'easy to understand'."
IQA PDP Participant, Introduction to Quarry Products PDP