The History of the IQA

The primary objective of the IQA is to ‘advance the Science of quarrying in Australia in the interests of the public at large and also assist the advancement of the Science overseas by working cooperatively with the other international institutes’. The Institute in Australia has worked to achieve this objective through its commitment to education and training.

Our vision: Educating and connecting our extractive and associated industries.


  1. To provide world class professional development for the extractive industry.
  2. To establish an Australian Academy of Quarrying.
  3. To align service offerings with industry needs.


1948 to 1961 - The Institute of Quarrying, Australian Branch

1948  10 September, First meeting of the Australian Branch was held in Sydney
1953 Australian Branch reconvened after being dormant for three years
1955  New South Wales and Victorian Groups of the Australian Branch were formed
1958 Institute of Quarrying Coat of Arms replaced the IQ logo as the basis of the Australian Branch emblem  
                 Australian Branch Committee governed the branch, subject to UK approval of substantial matters

1961 to 1994 - The Institute of Quarrying, Australian Division

1961  Australian Branch became The Institute of Quarrying Australian Division with branches in NSW, VIC, QLD & SA
1976 WA, TAS, ACT and NT Branches were formed 
1980 NSW Hunter Sub-branch was formed 
1981 NSW Illawarra Sub-branch was formed 
1982 NQLD Branch was formed 
1992 NSW Central West Sub-branch was formed 
                Australian Division Council governed the Institute in Australia, subject to UK approval of substantial matters

1994 to Present - The Institute of Quarrying Australia

1994  The Institute of Quarrying (Australia Division) incorporated as The Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) and became the first affiliated body with the IQ and later with the other IQ national bodies
2001 VIC Sub-branch was formed
Central QLD Sub-branch was formed
IQA Board was created
2007 NSW Central West Sub-branch was formed
2010 NSW Sydney Region Sub-branch was formed
Cairns Sub-branch was formed
The Institute of Quarrying Australia was governed by the IQA Council
Powers have been progressively transferred from the IQA Council to the IQA Board

The Institute in Australia's Involvement in Education and Training

Since 1956 the Institute in Australia has conducted annual national conferences (bar 2002). The various branches hold a range of seminars and the branches and sub-branches conduct breakfast and dinner meetings. These conferences, seminars and meetings include presentations on technical, regulatory and safety matters and are open to attendance by Institute members and non-members.


Australian Division established the Australian Institute of Quarrying Education Foundation (AIQEF) as a separate incorporated charity body, with its objectives being: 
1. To establish and support national educational courses in quarrying and surface mining; and
2. To support advanced training for persons in technological fields related to quarrying exploration, development, production, organisation and management Since the Foundation was established in 1982 it has provided grants for industry training in excess of $3.25 million.


Box Hill TAFE Advanced Certificate was introduced with the advocacy of the Australian Division and with funding assistance from AIQEF.


Advanced Certificate in Quarry Management was started in NSW as a result of Australian Division advocacy.


When the National Mining Industry Training Advisory Body (NMITAB) was formed in the late 1990’s IQA nominees represented industry on its Board and chaired the steering committees that development of MNQ98, MNQ03 training packages and the RII training packages, when SkillsDMC was formed.

IQA has continued to encourage and support the implementation of these training packages and the AIQEF has funded industry training & assessment resources.

 2014 IQA’s constitution created from the prior Articles of Association, By-laws and Memorandum of Association.  Transfer of the Council powers to the Board and the creation of the Advisory Council.
 2017 Abolishment of the Advisory Council.
 2019/20   Creation of the IQA – AIQEF Committee via changes to the IQA’s constitution to allow the joining of forces of the Institute of Quarrying Australia and the Australian Institution of Quarrying Education Foundation (AIQEF).

The IQ Coat of Arms

 In 1958 the Coat of Arms was adopted by The Institute as its emblem.

The arms were a gift from the outgoing President, Hugh Symington, to mark the incorporation of the Institute as a limited liability company.

The ‘armorial bearings’ are meant to symbolize the origin, aims and scope of the Institute, and the three heraldic components of the coat of arms are the shield, the crest and the motto.

The octagonal stone tower on the shield is in the style of Caernarfon castle, the town of the Institute's birth. The two hammers or jads represent the ancient tools of the trade and the coronet in between is composed of wattle flowers to reflect the link with Australia and the trefoil, or shamrock, with Ireland.

On top of the helmet is the crest - a quarry face with green-topped overburden surmounted by the lion of Scotland and in its paws is the key which is recorded as symbolising knowledge and freedom, although it has been advised that it is also representative of the Institute's commitment to safety.

The motto ‘Terram Autem Filiis Hominum’ is a Latin translation of a passage taken from Psalm 115: ‘The fruits of the earth for the children of men’.

Following the creation of affiliated status for overseas sections in 1996, the Coat of Arms itself was registered by the IQ as a trademark both in the UK and also in the other countries where the IQ operates.