Quarry Manager Certification Scheme

The Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) is the professional body for the extractive industry. The IQA has established a national certification system to recognise the professional status of quarry practitioners throughout Australia - Quarry Management Certification System (QMCS). The Certified Practitioners Committee (CP Committee) is responsible for the development and administration of the QMCS. QMCS provides:

  • an independent certification system, administered with integrity and transparency, and which demonstrates a path to certification of Quarry Supervisors and Quarry Managers based on comprehensive experience, qualifications, ongoing professional development and continuing practice;
  • resources to assist quarry practitioners to develop knowledge and skills in a supportive work environment to attain certification under the QMCS; and 
  • benchmarks for employers to encourage their staff to seek and maintain certification under the QMCS through the development of skills, training and experience.

The CP Board may accredit persons as CPs in approved grades. The current grades are: 

  1. Certified Practicing Quarry Manager (CPQM); and 
  2. Certified Practicing Quarry Supervisor (CPQS). 

The following flowchart illustrates the current QMCS framework and pathways to certification as Certified Practitioner (CP):


Further information regarding specific criteria or requirements for comprehensive experience, qualifications, OPD and continuing practice will be determined by the CP Committee and published by the Institute in accordance with these Rules:

Certified Practitioner's Committee Charter and Rules PDF (282 KB)

QMCS Annual Professional Development Log DOCX (72 KB) 

Please note: 1 CPD point equates to 1 hour of approved professional development.

Please complete the  IQA QMCS Application Form  PDF (184 KB) and return it to:

IQA Chief Executive Officer
P.O. Box 1779
Milton BC
Qld 4064
E: admin@quarry.com.au

IQA’s Certified Practitioner Committee
Michael Cooper
James Rowe
Chris Hamilton

Current vacancies for at least 3 other committee members. Please contact the IQA CEO if you are interested in nominating for the CP Committee.

Kylie Fahey (Secretary)

Current QMCS Recipients