Membership of The Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) is open to everyone who is working in, or connected to, the extractive and associated industries. 


Why should I join the IQA?

The IQA is the industry-leading body for the extractive and associated industries sector. Our Members include operators, geologists, surveyors, engineers, production managers, quarry and site managers, technical and laboratory staff, landscape architects, environmental specialists, sales staff, and health and safety officers.

Membership to the IQA is about demonstrating your professionalism and commitment to the extractive industry and demonstrates that you take your career and professional development seriously. The IQA membership provides you with access to the latest technical, environmental and commercial industry developments, and exclusive access to online resources including webinars and fact sheets. Your membership facilitates networking with industry experts at a local, national or international level, which gives rise to great friendships and camaraderie. 

In the last two years the IQA has moved beyond mere awareness of diversity and inclusion and has influenced the participation of women and young people in the industry through the IQA Young Member Network (YMN) and Women in Quarrying network (WIQ). Over the last 12-month period, 33% of new IQA members were young Members and 15% were female Members.

What does the IQA Membership mean for my professional development? 

Professional Development is a crucial part of the extractive and associated industries. Anyone working in the quarrying industry who wants to progress their career will need to undertake continuing professional development. As the industry-leader in accredited training, the IQA can support your career development by offering:

  • Training and courses
  •  Advice on accredited training such as certificate and diploma level courses
  •  Advice on what is required under legislation in each state
  •  Access to a national certification system to recognise the professional status of quarry practitioners throughout Australia - Quarry Management Certification System (QMCS)


What do I need to become a Member of the IQA?


* A once-off joining fee of $95.00 is payable on application.