Historical Conferences

IQA 2017 Conference

Posted on 1/1/2017
Presentation files and abstracts from the 2017 IQA Conference, in Toowoomba 04-06 October 2017

CMIC 2016 Conference

Posted on 1/1/2016
CMIC Conference held in Sydney 26-28 October 2016

IQA 2015 Conference

Posted on 1/1/2015
IQA 2015 Conference, held in Adelaide 14-17 October 2015

IQA 2011 Conference Papers

Posted on 1/1/2011
Presentation files and abstracts from the 2011 IQA conference in Hunter Valley, NSW.

IQA 2009 Conference Papers

Posted on 1/1/2009
Presentation files and abstracts from the 2009 IQA conference in Perth, WA.

IQA 2007 Conference Papers

Posted on 1/1/2007
IQA Conference held in Hobart, Tasmania, 24 - 27 Oct 2007.

Conference Papers from the 2007 IQA Conference

24-27 October 2007



Presentation Title

Ron Bugg


Raising the profile of the minerals industry

David Miller and Drew Martin


A review of the benefits being delivered using electronic delay detonators in the quarry industry 

Ion Dumitru, Vasile Caprar and Wally Komsta


Safer roads for Tasmania Gunn’s Hill project – skid resistance Field assessment

John Moss


Make your Safety Management System Work

Dr Dan Norton


The Australian energy market and reform implications

Michael Pemberton 


A brief consideration of geodiversity and geoconservation