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CPQS Renewal
Certified Practising Quarry Supervisor renewal fee.
CPQM Application
Certified Practising Quarry Manager application fee.
CPQM Renewal
Certified Practising Quarry Manager renewal fee.
CPQS Application
Certified Practising Quarry Supervisor application fee.
Dust Management
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Dust from quarrying may pose a number of threats that need to be managed.

Dust can have a serious effect on the health of workers and neighbours (including leading to fatal illnesses), cause environmental damage and cause a nuisance to workers on-site and in the wider community.

This guide sets out to provide a high-level advice to quarry workers and is split into two sections:

Part ... Details
Guarding of Conveyors
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Properly designed guards, and ensuring they remain in place to prevent access to danger zones on belt conveyors, are major steps in preventing amputations, serious mutilation of limbs and deaths at quarry operations. Guarding controls the risk of injury by preventing access to the danger zones such as nip points and shear points associated with moving parts in a belt conveyor. Guarding may... Details
Mental Health Awareness Booklet
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People living and working in rural and remote regions face serious barriers when it comes to seeking and accessing mental health services. They experience extreme weather events, financial uncertainty, economic and social change and relative isolation.

The University of Newcastle’s Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health exists to provide leadership in rural and remote mental health research. We work... Details
Noise Management
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Noise associated with quarry operations can have the following impacts:

Off-site impacts (Environmental Noise): Noise from plant and equipment impacting the community
On-site impacts (Occupational Noise): Noise from plant and equipment impacting the workers.
This booklet has been developed primarily to assist quarry operators and managers in developing and implementing strategies to control... Details
Safe Drilling and Blasting for Small Mines
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Many small mines and quarries rely on contractors to conduct drilling and blasting at their site. Contractors bring a level of expertise in drill and blast that many sites do not have amongst their workforce. Like all workers, however, contractors need to be managed to ensure they comply with safety system requirements at the site, that they are competent, fit to do the work, and that their equipment is suitable for... Details
Slope Stability
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This field booklet covers the following topics:
Types of Ground Failure
Controls for Ground Failure
Crest Retention
Monitoring for Slope Instability
Inspection Checklist
Safe Work Methods for Stockpiles and Dumps
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The topics covered include:
(a) Responsibilities
(b) Operator Instructions and Training
(c) Hazards of Working Stockpile and Dumps
(d) Characteristics of Stockpiles and Dumps
(e) Siting and Types of Stockpiles and Dumps
(f) Preparation and Maintenance of Dump Access Roads and Surface
(g) Mobile Equipment and Highway Delivery Vehicles
(h) Tipping onto Stockpile and Dumping... Details
Traffic Management
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This booklet has been developed to assist quarries in developing and implementing effective traffic management strategies, to control the hazards associated with the use of mobile equipment on site and to prevent injury to persons.

The primary focus must always be on ensuring effective, proactive controls are in place to prevent accidents/incidents occurring.

This field booklet... Details
Working Safely With Electricity
The list price includes postage within Australia.

Electricity is widely used in quarries but the hazards associated with its use are not always fully understood.

This field book provides managers, supervisors and workers with samples of good and poor installations, along with the hazards associated with electrical installations and ways in which these hazards can be controlled to achieve an acceptable level of risk to quarry workers.
Effective Risk Management Online Course
The course explains fundamental concepts of managing workplace risks, and the legislative and regulatory environment in which quarries operate.

The course is suitable for managers, supervisors and key support personnel and will cover:

• Establishing the end to end process for systematic management of risk, including risk identification and analysis
• Application of the hierarchy of controls to identified risks
• Implementation of control... Details