Western Australia Statutory Requirements

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety issue certificates of competency for positions of responsibility at mining operations. There certification process confirms that successful applicants are suitably qualified and skilled with sufficient experience in the working environment to make appropriate critical operational decisions related to their position.

Under the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 and associated regulations, people wishing to be appointed as an underground mine manager or quarry manager (or their alternates or deputies) must hold a relevant certificate of competency.

Current Requirements for Certificates of Competency

The following is necessary in applying for a certificate of competency:

  • Evidence of attaining minimum age 24 years (either a photocopy of a passport or driver's licence)
  • Certified copy of appropriate degree with the academic transcript for one of

          - Bachelor of Engineering from any Australian University
          - Diploma in Mining or Engineering from any recognised Australian technical institute
          - Associate Diploma in Surface Mining from any recognised Australian tertiary education institution
          - Degree or Diploma in Geology, or in mining or an earth sciences related discipline, that is considered by the Board to be appropriate 
         - other qualification that the Board considers to be equivalent to those listed above

  • Copy of a charter reference
  • Copy of current first aid certificate
  • Evidence of two years' experience on a mine site, which must include:

          - One year of first-hand practical experience in quarry pit operations
          - Minimum of three months' practical in the use of explosives and blasting agents in a pit

For more information, please visit: www.dmp.wa.gov.au/Safety?Applying-for-a-Quarry-Manager-s-6009.aspx

 Appointment Experience   Qualifications and PD
 Quarry Manager (Unrestricted)  24 years of age or older

2 years including:

At least one year has been firsthand practical experience in production operations in a quarry or open pit

At least three months personal experience in the changing and firing of explosives in the quarry pit

Firsthand practical experience in production operations should include blasting, operation of mobile equipment such as trucks, loaders, dozers, waters carts, graders and excavators, and drilling

Bachelor of Engineering in Mining (from any Australian university)


Diploma in Mining or Engineering (from any recognised Australian technical institute)


Degree or Diploma in Surface Mining (from any recognised Australian tertiary discipline)

Current First Aid certificate

Mining Law exam

Quarry Manager (Restricted)

(with or without explosives)


21 years of age or older

2 years including:

One year of firsthand practical experience in quarry pit productions

Minimum three months practical experience in the use of explosives and blasting agents in a pit (for the explosives certification only)

Current First Aid certificate

Quarrying Exam

Mining Law Exam


What can the IQA offer?

  • Training on the legislation and coaching program to prepare and sit the law exam
  • The IQA has partnerships with RTOs who offer the mandatory qualifications/units of competency (accredited training). The IQA can assist you in enrolling in the required units.

Please contact the IQA on 02 9484 0577 or [email protected] for more information information on courses to meet the competency requirements in Western Australia.