Dear IQA QLD Branch and Sub Branch Committee members,

At the 10 July Ministerial Forum, a range of initiatives to improve safety on quarry and mine sites in Queensland were discussed.  A key initiative is the statewide SAFETY RESET. 

The Safety Reset will provide a chance for mines and quarries to focus on why safety is important, to know the personal stories behind recent fatalities, and to reassess safety practices on key high risk areas within the operation.

Attached you will find information prepared by DRNME including Safety Reset Information Kit and Safety Reset Powerpoint presentation. The presentation includes talking points and fact sheets for the Safety Reset.  The Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) is supporting the DNRME distribute the information on the Safety Reset to our Queensland members. 

Please help ensure this information is shared across industry.


  1. Set a time and date for the Safety Reset for each site
    1. To be held before the end of August
    2. Involve all staff at the site.
    3. Ascertain who else will be attending (eg Senior Managers, Mines Inspectors, Contractors etc)
    4. Length of Safety Reset will be dependent on site and employee numbers but should allow enough time to cover all the agenda items.
  2. At the Reset, cover the topic areas (See Safety Reset Information Kit)

Safety Reset - Presentation PPT (8,033 KB)
Safety Reset Information Kit PDF (835 KB)