Young Member Network

The IQA's Young Member Network Vision is: To assist the development of the young members in the extractive industry and provide networking opportunities.

IQA's Young Member Network Mission:

The IQA's Young Member Network (YMN) has been established to provide our young members and those that are interested in the quarry industry with guidance, support and an opportunity to develop successful career within the industry. Our national network has been established so like-minded young people can get to know their peers, share ideas and experiences, build key industry contacts and perhaps develop new friendships.

The IQA's Young Member Network is open to any IQA member 35 years old or younger. 

IQA YMN Charter

What does the YMN provide for its young members?

#1 Support and assistance in your current role by having a network you can turn to.

#2 Forums and events at state and national levels targeted at young members, providing essential industry workshops as well as social interactions.

#3 Opportunity to participate in the YMN Overseas Study Tour.

#4 Opportunity to learn and write technical papers which may be published.

#5 Guidance and advice on career paths with options for career development.

#6 Assistance for those taking their first step towards professional recognition via the range of professional Development opportunities on offer.

For further information regarding the activities of the IQA's Young Member Network please contact us on [email protected] who can refer you to the appropriate area coordinator.

   Queensland Coordinator

Jackie Gauntlett

   Tasmania Coordinator

Samuel Benson

   New South Wales Coordinator

   Victoria Coordinator

Shane Andersen
0429 790 676
Samuel Powell
0499 800 747