Man dies after wall collapses at central Queensland coal mine

TWork has been suspended at a central Queensland coal mine after a man died on-site yesterday, making it the third fatal mining accident in the Bowen Basin in six months.

David Routledge became trapped inside the digger he was using when a wall collapsed at the Middlemount site, north-west of Rockhampton, in the Bowen Basin.

It took emergency services hours to reach the father, but he could not be saved.

A Workplace Health and Safety investigation is underway into his death, with Middlemount Coal saying it would co-operate fully.

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Close Call Alert

Surface – Crushed Marble – On June 17, 2019, a front-end loader backed over a highwall, and the fall projected material from the loader bucket through the windshield. The operator was able to climb out of the cab and only suffered minor injuries. The operator was wearing a seat belt.

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Worker fatally trapped in conveyor
This safety alert comes from an incident that resulted in a fatality. It occurred in the United States and, although we have different regulations covering snubbing equipment, we conduct comparable activities in Western Canada. Snubbing units are used for fishing, milling, drilling, side tracking or any task needed to remove bridge plugs, cement or deepen wells while the well remains live. 

Snubbing is a high hazard activity and this safety alert is an opportunity to discuss similar hazards in Canadian operations with your workforce. 

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Precast concrete panel falls from truck
On inspection of the stockpile area, a  supervisor observed a ramp and stockpile tip area that had inadequate side berms and no stop bund at the top of the stockpile tipping edge. On further inspection it appeared from the tyre marks that edge tipping had occurred. A contractor used the loader the day before to clear the stockpile ramp to create more room for when they next needed to cart material to this area. In doing so he pushed the berms over the tipping edge. He was called away to do other work and left the stockpile edge with no berm in place.

The angle of repose from the tipping edge was approximately 8 metres.

Access to the stockpile ramp was immediately barricaded off to stop further tipping.

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A recent incident occurred that involved an E-Cigarette, left unattended in a company vehicle.

As you can see from the photographs, E-Cigarettes and Vapes can cause fires which can very quickly lead to incidents of major damage and serious injury.

E-Cigarettes and Vapes have been known to be the primary source of fires even when not in use due to a failure of the wiring within the Ecigarette/ Vape.

This could have easily resulted in a major incident as the vehicle was parked at a petrol station forecourt, whilst the driver was paying for his fuel, within minutes the fire had taken hold. Thankfully the prompt actions of the driver resulted in the fire being extinguished without harm.


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