Geology & Geological Processes

Introduction  Many product technical issues encountered by quarry operators can be traced back to source rock properties and the selection of suitable raw material(s).

Having a basic understanding of geology, geologic processes, and rock types allows a quarry operator to extract the most from their reserve on-site; determine potential future site suitability; comply with the relevant specifications regarding product quality; identify and manage geotechnical issues; and limit future product technical claims or issues.

Duration The program is delivered over 1 Hour

Potential Participants   Suitable for Quarry Managers, Quarry Supervisors, Technical / Laboratory Managers, and Operational Management employed or seeking employment in the industry.

CPD Points 1 point

Course Objectives
  • Outline the Earth’s structure and the geologic time scale.
  • Describe basic rock types and their formation.
  • Describe the Rock Cycle and its influence on geology and quarrying.
  • Outline the basic structural geology types as encountered in quarrying.
  • Define secondary mineralisation and outline impact on quarry products.
  • Define and describe basic quarry source rock properties.

Facilitator Richard Ernst