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Join the Institute of Quarrying Australia. Joining the IQA is easy. Anyone involved, or interested in quarrying, construction materials, and related extractive and processing industries, can join the IQA.

The Membership Review Committee (MRC) manages the allocation of individuals to the correct membership grade within the Institute of Quarrying Australia. Once you submit your application for IQA membership, your experience will be assessed against the requirements of each grade, and you will be allocated into the correct grade based on your role, experience and education within the quarry industry.

Membership Grades:

Honorary Fellow (HFIQ)
Fellow (FIQ)
Member (MIQ)
Technical Member (TMIQ)
Associate Member (AIQ)
Student Member (SIQ)
Operator (OIQ)

Membership Grades

Apply online

Apply via the button below, and the MRC will then assess your application and process your membership.


Apply offline

You can apply to join the Institute of Quarrying Australia offline by downloading the membership application form and emailing the form to [email protected].
The MRC will then assess your application and process your IQA membership.

Offline application form


Membership Fees

The Institute of Quarrying Australia membership is renewed annually. The IQA membership cycle runs through 1 July to 30 June each year. All membership fees will be set by the Board from time to time. The member will be charged a pro rata amount for the number of months remaining in the membership cycle. If a new member joins on or after the 20th of the month, they do not get charged for that month's fee. The fee charged will be based on the pro rata fee from the next month’s subscription fee. For example, join 25th January subscription fee based is based on February's subscription rate. If a new member joins in January they will be charged for 18 months. This includes 6 months of the existing financial year, and the full 12 months of the following financial year.

 2023-24 Membership Subscription Fee (Incl GST)
 Fellow  $343
 Member  $327
 Technical Member  $327
 Associate  $327
 Student  $156
 Retiree  $115
 Operator  $52
 Entrance Fee  $105


For full details on membership fees and terms for membership please refer to the

Membership Review Committee Charter