IQA Log Book - Tier 1 Quarries

IQA Log Book - Tier 1 Quarries
The IQA Logbook has been developed to assist our industry in tracking their CPD Hours to comply with the NSW Maintenance of Competency Scheme.

In New South Wales, Quarry Managers holding a Certificate of Competency must undertake 90 hours of professional development over 5 years (which equates to 18 hours per year). Learning does not have to be undertaken every year, but a maximum of 30 hours may be achieved in any one year. Learning must be undertaken in each of the 5 areas of competence within the 5 years:

Mining and WHS
Emergency Management
Leadership and Management and
General WHS (including a mandatory 8-hour Learning from Mining Disasters course developed by the regulator).

Under the framework, learning may be formal or informal with detailed information provided about specific types of acceptable learning activities. Minimum and maximum hours for each competence area, learning type and activity are outlined in the framework. A logbook record must be kept for audit purposes, and may be reviewed when certificate of competence is renewed.

The IQA has developed a sophisticated logbook that can track hours aligned to each category. This Logbook has been developed to support our members track their CPD Hours in a simple and efficient way. A special discounted price of $50 per logbook is being offered to IQA members to access this one stop solution for all of your CPD tracking!

For more information email: [email protected]
Discounted member price: 50.00
You could save: 37.5%

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