Membership Benefits

Membership to the IQA has many benefits. Essentially membership is about connecting you to the industry, offering education and information, while providing professional development and support.

Individual member benefits

  • Access to best practise education programs, leading to formal qualifications or recognition of competency
  • Opportunities for professional advancement through local and international networking for all roles within the industry from administration to operators, engineers to scientists, quarry managers and supervisors
  • Connection with peers, leaders and experts within the industry
  • Opportunities to develop your networks and careers
  • Local and national access to technical meetings and seminars
  • Support for professional development at all stages of your career
  • Professional support and mentoring
  • Friendship and lifelong networks
  • Up to date advice on regulations, competency requirements and changes within the industry
  • Promotion of inclusion and diversity to ensure our industry is supportive of women, young people and people from all backgrounds
  • Savings on events, conferences and seminars
  • Access to post nominals that recognise your membership and/or your accreditation as a CPQM/CPQS

Benefits for an employer

  • An industry voice supporting quarries to understand and comply with competency requirements state by state
  • Provision of coordinated education aligned to the key issues facing the industry
  • Up to date advice on regulations, competency requirements and changes within the industry
  • Promotion of inclusion and diversity across the industry to improve the available talent pool for the industry as a whole
  • A key retention tool: by supporting growth, development and education, employees will feel supported and valued


What does the IQA Membership mean for my professional development?

Professional Development is a crucial part of the extractive and associated industries. Anyone working in the quarrying industry who wants to progress their career will need to undertake continuing professional development. As the industry-leader in training for the extractive industry, the IQA can support your career development by offering:

  • Training and courses specific to quarrying
  • Advise on accredited training such as certificate and diploma level courses
  • Advise on what is required under legislation in each state to maintain and demonstrate competency
  • Access to a national certification system to recognise the professional status of quarry practitioners throughout Australia - Quarry Management Certification System (QMCS)